1. We installed this year’s yarn bomb last night. The rock hat returns!

  2. Finally on the train. Good night Red Wing.

  3. Still waiting for the train (projected to be almost four hours late now). I think this drawing is pretty much done enough.

  4. The train is ~3 hours late so I’m practicing my drawing skills and sketching out what will hopefully turn into a sculpture integrating bronze and found bones.

  5. I’ve started interning at fullcirclejewelry. They have a lovely place out near Bay City. There are friendly people and cats, plenty of space, and all sorts of cool found objects. I’m excited to learn more about making art work as a business, and to get really good and consistent at certain fabrication techniques.

  6. 06:44 19th Apr 2014

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    Good morning from St. Paul.

  7. The project is almost done. A few more little things to do here and there.

  8. The weather outside is nasty so I’m just spending the night printmaking. I just finished the second set of 10 prints of the cards and now I get to clean off all the type and start putting it away. If I still have energy after that I’ll heat set the last of the earth day shirts.

  9. I made a little wax creature. I’m not sure how well it will cast but we shall find out soon.

  10. Cutting the cards. So far only three screwed up cards.