1. Day one in San Francisco. I met up with some friends and did some good wandering.

  2. Making molds. I’m definitely going about it in a very hard and inefficient manner. At least now I know some things to make it go better in the future.

  3. Who wants a little creature? I’m currently working on the molds, soon I’ll be able to make an edition of each in bronze. Anybody interested in buying one? I want to get a rough number so I make enough in each edition. Price will be based on the final cost of materials/labor. I’ll make some different little creatures as well, these are just the first two.

  4. It has a face now! Just trying to decide what texture to make the body and the crest.

  5. Prepping for another pour, so far so good.

  6. State fair.

  7. A start on the second little creature.

  8. Ready for the mold.

  9. Walked by something that seemed more past America than present tonight.

  10. And now with fur! Next up is finishing the tentacles and doing some final tweaking. I think I’ll make a few little sculptures before I make the molds just to be more efficient with the mold material.