1. 06:44 19th Apr 2014

    Notes: 2

    Tags: sunrise6am

    Good morning from St. Paul.

  2. The project is almost done. A few more little things to do here and there.

  3. The weather outside is nasty so I’m just spending the night printmaking. I just finished the second set of 10 prints of the cards and now I get to clean off all the type and start putting it away. If I still have energy after that I’ll heat set the last of the earth day shirts.

  4. I made a little wax creature. I’m not sure how well it will cast but we shall find out soon.

  5. Cutting the cards. So far only three screwed up cards.

  6. Finished the table with the help of a friend.

  7. Success! The printmaking teacher gave me a tutorial on the letterpress so tonight I finished getting it set up, proofed and corrected, then printed. I’m very pleased. My standards for this aspect of the project are fairly low. I wanted the text to be readable, obviously letter pressed, and somewhat irregular. I have achieved that I think, complete with a couple ink splotches. Now I will let them dry then cut them into cards. I should end up with about 480 cards.

  8. Take 1 of typesetting. It was going well until the printmaking teacher came and told me that the wood I used to make the spacers was too soft and short so the type would wiggle. I wish she had told me that earlier when I asked her about it. I’ve already re-done the spacing (no picture yet), and I just need to get everything packed. Hopefully I will be able to do that later tonight. Perhaps I could get to proofing by tomorrow night.

  9. I finished assembling the table last night, it stands and supports the little anvil quite well. I also found some interesting old corn cobs and desiccated squashes at the farm yesterday that will work well with my piece. I still need to set the table on fire to make it match the chair.

  10. I went down to the farm today to scope out a site for my installation art class. The tower I built in fall of 2012 is still standing two winters later. It is now leaning a bit but is stable. The lean adds a nice line and shape to it I think. It is about twelve feet tall and can come apart to fit flat in sections of six feet or less.