1. Finished carving and put on the first coat of finish. I left it rough because it works with my aesthetic and also because the surface will not be visible in the final piece. So far I’m very pleased.

  2. It is too hot to do anything but spin thin tonight.

  3. Fun in Wisconsin and at the Stockholm art fair. I was too busy to take pictures during the fair but it was great.

  4. Working on a little wood carving. Basically roughed out at this point.

  5. Making progress on the crochet egg, displayed here on a real egg.

  6. Made good progress today, for the antlers I just need to smooth and tweak a bit then I can make the mold. I made a little hoof, which is ready for a mold also. I’m going to make all the things that need molds before I make the molds so there will be less waste of the super expensive silicone mold material.

  7. The biggest downside of the new art building are that the giant windows turn it into a fishbowl. There is a big prairie home companion thing going on this weekend and apparently the concert just ended. So, a bund of old white people (primary demographic of the events) have been wandering by, stopping, and staring in, sometimes with their faces pressed up against the glass. I feel like an exotic animal or something- like “look! An artist in its natural habitat!” I get that they are curious about the new space but it is a strange interaction, especially when I turn around to three old ladies peering at me through the door and an old guy staring at me through the window. He turned around before I could get a picture of him staring.

  8. Antler day one. I’m making it without the secondary curves so I can pull a mold and cast the final two in thinner wax. Then I will give them the final shape. That way they will both be fairly similar rather than having to sculpt two separately as well as being lighter as a final bronze. It needs a lot more work before it gets to the mold stage though.

  9. Tonight we grilled. Our grill is tiny but the food was delicious.

  10. The Mississippi is rather flooded right now.