1. Adding the polyurethane and hanging out in the spray booth.

  2. And done with the patina! It isn’t blue but it is pretty and I’m calling it close enough. Next step is polyurethane once it is dry. The chemicals I used for the green/teal were ammonium chloride and liver of sulfur in water, brushed on.

  3. After round one of patina. I’m very pleased that it is consistent with the previous foxtopus. However, the goal for this one is to make the tentacles blue (ish).

  4. Ready for patina.

  5. The next bronze pour will be postponed a month and then be a double load. This is what happens when the slurry gets too low and I can’t check on it and water it for two days (bike crash+work=no extra energy). It was time to do some repairs and maintenance on the mixer anyway.

  6. Tonight’s obsessive project. Keys are for scale comparison.

  7. 18:34

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    Another foxtopus ready to sprue.

  8. We are the wild ones.

  9. Waiting for the Glitch Mob, got a spot nice and in front (and earplugs since I’m in front of the speakers).

  10. The sculpture 1 class was occupying the wax bench because they are starting their bronze project so I worked on foxtopus 2 for a while. Just need to get the last bits of investment off, polish, patina, and finish.