1. I went to axman today with a friend and picked up some awesome hazard signs. I think I’ll make some sketchbooks and use them as the covers. Anybody want a hazard sketchbook? You can specify the kind of paper and number of pages if you want. They will be the size of the sign, about 12”x12” unless you specify smaller.

  2. Gladys the goat lady is finished in the plasticine.

  3. Working on a goat lady bust while I wait for the shells to dry before another dip. One of the students has named her Gladys.

  4. First dip.

  5. Bronze is up to $6.30 a pound now?!? Time to play the game of guess how much this pile of ingots cost!

  6. Finished the base of the cowl and the teeth, now I just need to do the rest of the mane and the buttons. It ended up with a bit of an underbite but that’s ok.

  7. All sprued up and ready to invest. I’m trying several different methods on the foxtopi to see how little spruing material I can use in order to get a good cast. I’m mixing the slurry for the shells on Tuesday and hope to pour the Tuesday after that.

  8. The short hair returns!

  9. One wax foxtopus complete and ready to sprue. 3 foxtopi and a lizard left to finish before I invest for the bronze pour.

  10. I’m starting a cowl to go with the lion hat. I think the ensemble will be my winter hat/face warmer of choice this year. It has a ways to go yet, I’ll post more pics when there is notable progress.