1. 1: Red Earth

    I am a child in a car, driving up a very narrow, rather rough road on a very tall mountainous ridge that is made up of mostly red clay.  The driver is a woman, and I have a sibling sitting next to me in the back seat.  I am always worried that the car will drive off the road and we will all die.  We reach the destination, the light, airy house of the father and his partner and another little girl.  We get out and I am now the mother, who is visiting her former husband.  The children that were in the car with her turn out to be her children, and no one knows why they seem to be of Indian descent because their parents were white. Everyone sits around the house and talks for a time, then they decide to cliff dive into this pool that looks like one of the ones at Yellowstone Park in color but the water is cool. The partner, who has olive-toned skin and curly dark hair, jumps in first followed by his husband.  However, the partner never surfaces. The little girl, who has blonde hair and fair skin, jumps in to save the partner.  It turns out that there is a dragon living in the bottom of the lake who has very sharp, venomous teeth and the partner cut his foot to the bone on one of them and died.  The little girl resurfaced and told us that fact. On one of the walls of the cliff, in nooks hollowed by the elements, are cairns, memorials to those lost to the waters of the canyon.